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Signal and Surge Protection Solutions

Power and signal protection has a role in every critical electrical and communication asset. If the application is key to revenue and growth it must be protected from malfunction and downtime. Through Hutton, PolyPhaser and Transtector provide the best end-to-end power quality solutions to markets that rely on electronic equipment and communication links for strategic business functions, growth and stability.

Through a strategic partnership with PolyPhaser | Transtector, Hutton provides comprehensive solutions and a large product portfolio of AC, DC, RF and Data Line surge protection.

Key Product Lines

Coaxial RF Protection: whether your coaxial application is at the tower top, GPS or in the base station, RF products designed and manufactured by PolyPhaser have set the standard for the industry. Our patented designs are engineered for low voltage let-through and superior RF operation, offering the industry’s best performance.

Data Line Surge Protection: PolyPhaser | Transtector data line surge protection offering includes units optimized for PoE, Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit PoE, Ethernet, RS-232 | RS-422 | RS-485, CCTV, DeviceNet and other low voltage signals.

AC Surge Protection: Leading the industry with SASD, MOV and hybrid technology protection, Transtector offers a wide range of AC surge protection products. One, two and three phase AC protectors are available with high discharge current capacity, visual status and remote monitoring.

DC Surge Suppression: For equipment operating on direct current, Transtector offers superior surge protection solutions for a variety of application situations ranging from rail and communications to marine and industrial controls.