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About Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions

Mobile Mark, Inc. is a leading supplier of antennas to wireless companies throughout the world. We offer innovative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable performance. We offer an extensive line of mobile, portable, and fixed site antennas for a variety of markets.

Public Safety

Public Safety and Emergency Response teams demand dependable wireless connections. The antenna provides the critical link and Mobile Mark designs antenna solutions that optimize those connections. From wireless network build-out to video streaming to fleet management, we have a solution for you.

Trains & Transit

Buses, trams and trains are all incorporating wireless technology, both to improve their service track-record and to improve their customers’ experience. They often combine multiple wireless technologies to do this, from GPS for navigation, to GPS & Cellular for bus monitoring, to WiFi MIMO for passenger internet access. We even offer ground-plane independent models for equipment with fiberglass roofs.

Fleet Management

Mobile Mark has consistently lead the industry with the most extensive and innovative range of antenna solutions that combine multiple wireless technologies: from simple GPS & Cellular antennas to complex 5-cable antennas combining LTE MIMO, DSRC, WiFi and GPS in the same antenna housing. Our antennas are rugged enough to handle tough environments and efficient enough to maintain reliable connections.

Connected Car & Smart Highway

Mobile Mark offers both Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication antennas to help DSRC system designers construct a network that offers continuous and balanced coverage.