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Laird Antenna & Reception Solutions

Laird provides systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity in mission critical systems through wireless applications and antenna systems.

A leader in the design, development and delivery of innovative technologies that enable people, organizations and applications to connect efficiently and effectively, Laird's reputation has been built on three guiding principles:

  • Innovation - putting our in-depth knowledge of the latest materials and processes to work in creating outstanding products for our customers.
  • Reliable fulfillment - delivering what our customers need to their exact specifications, on time and on budget, and in the quantities required.
  • Speed - rationalizing the design and delivery cycle to minimize the time from initial concept to final implementation.

Laird engineers have end-to-end system knowledge and employ advanced, proprietary design tools to bring new thinking and creative designs to market with unrivalled performance that adds value in every application, including best-in-class antenna solutions for Public Safety, Telecom, Industrial and Commercial Communications , and WLAN applications.

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